Huw David

Huw David - Orthopaedic Patient Testimonials

Mr Huw David has successfully treated people from Plymouth to Torquay to Newton Abbott, from Devon to Cornwall to Somerset and all over the UK for over 25 years. Below are some quotations from a tiny minority of Huw's satisfied patients.

"Just a short letter to express extreme gratitude for the excellent care and attention received. As we are in such a technical age, sometimes giving thanks in actual writing, seems to be a forgotten art, but the care I have received has been so very good, I felt a letter was necessary." C. F. 

"With grateful thanks for mending my shoulder. Be assured that your patients realize and do not underestimate the levels of your skill, knowledge and experience. I could not have received better care from the whole team, from secretary to physio."

"I am writing to say a big THANK YOU and a for all you have done for me reference my kn
ees. You have been terrific." S.V. 

"I shall always be grateful to you for my wonderful shoulder operation. No pain!"

"Please accept my most sincere thanks for your skilful surgery on my right knee which has now enabled me to use that leg more fully. You have been exceptionally attentive and helpful in your follow-up to the operation for which I am most grateful."

"My very sincere thanks for your consideration and help to me in getting my shoulder sorted! My husband and I cannot believe my present relief of pain. Words fail me, which is a rarity. So just a HUGE thank you."

"You obviously will not remember me, from the midst of all your patients, but I felt that I must write to tell you how much the hip replacement that you did for me has changed my life. You operated on me 10 years ago and I have never looked back........... None of this would have been possible without your skill and dedication, and for this I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I shall never forget what you did for me."

"My deep felt thanks to Mr Huw David for all his expert knowledge and operational skills."

"Thank you multiplied by millions." 

"A very big thank you for seeing me through my knee operation."

"Thank you Mr David team for all the care and support I have received which has been excellent in all areas."

"I will always be so grateful for all you did for me.

"Just a very belated note to thank you so much for doing such a fabulous job on my sterno-clavicular joint. You have made such a difference and improvement to it, and bless you, there  is no visible scar either–so clever! You will be pleased to learn that it has vastly improved my experience of playing Basil (my bassoon)."

"Am pleased to report that as far as both my shoulders are concerned, I have made a complete recovery and have full movement in both shoulders and my hands are no longer troubling me. Thank you Mr David and team for all the care and support I have received which has been excellent in all areas."

"Thank you very much for your efforts with my shoulder. You always made an effort to explain things very clearly and thoroughly and that is really appreciated! Although a more “manly” scar would have been more impressive for the ladies, it is amazing how neat the job you have done is."

" I would like to say a very big thankyou to everyone who looked after me during my operation and afterwards and a big thankyou to Mr Huw David for a fantastic job." W.K.