Huw David

Elbow injury

Huw David is an expert in elbow surgeryHuw David is a recognised expert in elbow surgery. He has undertaken international fellowships and trained with some of the leading shoulder and elbow surgeons in the UK. He has extensive experience in elbow problems from treatment of Tennis Elbow to a full replacement of the elbow joint.

The majority of patients that Huw sees in his Plymouth clinic however do not need elbow surgery. A thorough assessment leading to a definite diagnosis and the opportunity to discuss the various treatment options with an expert in the field forms the mainstay of every new patient consultation. For many, advice and alternative therapy such as use of an elbow support, physiotherapy or possibly an injection will be all that is required. However when surgery is considered the best option, Huw will be on hand not only to perform the procedure in person, but also to monitor and supervise your post-operative recovery.