Huw David

Book a Consultation with Huw David

Huw David holds regular clinics on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays each week. An appointment outside of these times can, where necessary, be arranged. Mandie Carwithin, Huw's PA, will liaise with you to arrange an appointment time and date that is most convenient.

Huw will undertake a thorough assessment of your orthopaedic problem that will include the history and evaluation of the condition, the relationship to activities (including work) or injury, previous treatments and the response. Following a thorough examination, Huw will be able to advise as to what investigations are required - this might include plain x-rays or a simple scan such as an ultrasound scan. Occasionally more specialist imaging may prove necessary and Huw will be able to arrange this and discuss the findings with his musculoskeletal radiology colleagues on your behalf.
Having diagnosed your problem, Huw will be able to discuss with you the various treatment options and where appropriate, the advantages of one form of treatment over another and the likely recovery timescales. Most patients do not require surgery: activity modification, physiotherapy and possibly an injection form the mainstay of treatment for the majority of individuals.
We would be pleased to receive a referral from your own doctor or health care specialist (e.g physiotherapist). Huw is recognised by all health insurance companies as an orthopaedic expert and his PA, Mandie Carwithin, will be pleased to discuss with you what additional information might be required by your insurance company.

If you would like to contact Huw David or his PA Mandie Carwithin please click here.